Monday, 1 February 2016

FKT - Fastest Known Times for older diabetics / Addisonians

I recently ran Parkrun ( ) in 20:49, giving an age corrected speed of just over 73%
While I know of people over the age of 50 with diabetes and Addison's separately who have done much better, I can't find anyone with both who has done better. Nor can I find anyone over 55 with just one of those diseases who has done better. Please reply to my Google + page if you do know someone who has.

Diabetic sport performance seem to decline much faster with age than do non-diabetics. The performances of Team Novo Nordisk in the recent Cadel Great Ocean race shows Type 1s keeping up with the best in the world.

The world record for 55 year olds in the half marathon is 1:09:17. I don't see anyone with diabetes or Addison's coming close, but there are some great runners in the 50-54 class.
I aim to race my first half marathon soon.