Monday, 1 February 2016

Sudoku - a post for those who "get" numbers and logic

Most doctors, lawyers, and some Canberra mathematicians might as well stop reading now. Here is a Sudoku from Sudoku of the Day with a difficulty rating of 24,800 out of a maximum 25,000 on this scale.
Yet it is much easier than that using my method. As a further clue, fill in the easy cells (notice the 1,2,5 triplet in the lower midline 3x3 square - that is the trickiest step required; no forcing chains, Swordfish or X-files are needed), then compare this with the Sudokus from my previous blog post "Avoiding vascular dementia" date 15.1.2016
The common number pattern should give you a further clue about my short cut method.

Parallels with diabetes and other games can be made.
You can read the standard book on how to solve Rubik's Cube, but fast cubers know a lot more efficient methods. You can learn techniques for solving Sudokus (look under "Sudoku Techniques" at but other techniques will on occasions be more efficient.
With diabetes, you can learn to count carbs and get OK short term results, but following a simple protocol is not going to get you the best results if you have the capacity and willingness to learn a wider range of methods.