Saturday, 19 September 2015

Addison's disease

I was never much of a runner at school. I never represented the school in cross country and there was only one year where I just scraped in to the track team for one event.
Yet after 18 years of T1 diabetes I now run much faster than most of the people who outshone me at school.
In yesterday's Parkrun I posted the 4th best time for M55s since Ginninderra parkrun began.

I am still quite a few minutes behind the best ever time, but that gives me something to aim for.
A few reasons for my success.

1.I have been playing around with different steroid doses for sporty days.
My current favourite for races around an hour or two, which I used yesterday because Parkrun was not my only outing, is
Prednisolone 5mg
Hydrocortisone 15mg
Fludrocortisone 100 mcg
I had these at 4:30 am to make sure they were working before the start of the run, then no other steroids for the rest of the day. Of course doses like these are completely inadequate for a big ski day.

2. My diabetes management is completely contrary in most respects to what doctors recommend. Standards of medical research in this part of the world are appallingly low, both in general and with respect to diabetes. Look for yourselves at the original research that underpins your treatment and you will be horrified. Has anyone ever seen an article on T1DM in an Australian medical journal that has been even remotely helpful in their management? Many of the strategies that I use are described by Australian doctors as ineffective or deleterious. Yet I manage to do OK. Go figure.

3. I had the best ever earworm for the run. Mahalis's Just Like a Star. I was into the final kilometre before I had a chance to even think about how the run was going.