Saturday, 19 December 2015

Low carb guru Prof Tim Noakes - read this review before you buy his book

Tim is a hero of the low carb movement, and you may be thinking of buying his recent diet book "The Real Meal Revolution"
Before you do take this quick quiz.

Here are Tim's online running results

Mine? Today I did a 10.6km trail run -the Tour de Ridges - in 51 minutes flat. Last year  49:21 Using a Master Athletics age grade calculator, this equates to 50:20 for a 63 year old doing a 10 km trail run.

Unlike myself, Tim does not have diabetes, does not have Addison's, doesn't have 2 screws in his ankle, hasn't had a laminectomy (afaik), takes his running very seriously, and eats low carb on race day. The question is this. Which of those 6 factors do you think might account for the fact that Tim runs way slower than me?

While Low Glycaemic Load/Low GI/Low Carb works well in many situations, race day at moderate distances is not one of them.
People say fat burns long and slow. They are certainly right about the slow bit.

note : I am by no means fast. The fastest locals in my age group are waaay ahead of me.

Technical details about the benefits of glucose as a fuel are in the next post.