Monday, 6 June 2016

More bullying and harassment by Canberra doctors

Last year I wrote "Someone with the appropriate knowledge has told me that almost every patient in The Canberra Hospital catchment with Type I diabetes and on steroid replacement is in quite poor health. I am not. 

Despite almost 20 years with T1DM, and 10 years on steroids, my arteries are in superb condition, and I would be very surprised if you have heard of anyone with both conditions in the Southern hemisphere who matches me in physical performance.

I did not get this way by subscribing to local medical dogma. Quite the opposite. In many aspects of treatment I act completely contrary to the recommendations of local researchers. If you think it is just a coincidence that I am also the only doctor at TCH who has managed to complete the M Biostat, think again."

When this was reported to AHPRA, they decided it constituted evidence that I was impaired and that they needed to "investigate (my) health" They claimed that this constituted an "Own Motion notification" and was justification for applying the full force of the coercive powers they have been given.

There is no one in the world my age and with my diseases reporting anywhere near the success I have had in living a full life. (not in English anyway)
How this constitutes impairment is beyond me.

Unfortunately, the Senate Inquiry into medical bullying has been postponed due to the Federal election. But sooner or later, those clueless Canberra doctors will get their comeuppance.