Monday, 9 November 2015

Diabetes doctors are the worst food nazis

Many decades ago, food recommendations for T1 diabetics were simple. No more than 2 pieces of bread for lunch, no more than 2 tablespoons of mashed potato for dinner, and eggs for breakfast was fine.

The rules were simple and easy to comply with. They worked fairly well as the number of T1s in their 80s shows. There were few restrictions, apart from carbs.

Look at the recommendations now. Various Government websites advise diabetics to seriously limit their consumption of eggs, eat reduced fat cheese and drink low fat milk. And eggs are not to be fried.

When was the last time you heard a foodie advocate that lattes be made with low fat milk? When was the last time you heard Will Studd go into raptures over the taste of a reduced fat cheese?
I love my eggs cooked in butter. I love full fat cheese. I love omelettes. I love full fat cheese omelettes.

Doctors advocate artificially sweetened yoghurt. No way am I using any artificial sweetener or sugar alcohol if I can avoid it. And as for that linoleic acid riddled chemical concoction promoted as an alternative to butter - no margarine for me.

Medical advice to limit consumption of nuts flies in the face of good evidence that increasing nut consumption is associated with better health outcomes. And don't get me started on the GST on roasted nuts. They are a staple for many vegetarians, especially vegans. (not that I fall into either of these categories.) Roasted nuts are an essential ingredient in many classic Asian main meal recipes, yet meat eating dinosaur public servants have discouraged their consumption by imposing an extra tax on them.

What should diabetics eat? Don't just listen to me. Look at what other long-standing diabetics who are healthy, active and free of vascular, renal, nerve, eye and other disease are eating. Then modify that according to your own personal circumstances.

I can't recall ever meeting any really successful older diabetic who thought current dietary guidelines were the best advice.

Life is too short to eat tasteless food, and as every chef will tell you, fat is taste. Bon appetit.