Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Why are doctors withholding information from you?

The ACT Health Research Review 2011 & 2012 makes great bedtime reading. No sleeping pills required.
It contains details of many hundreds of audits, QA and research projects from virtually every field of health. With a number of notable deficiencies.

Anesthesiologists, or anaesthetists if you prefer, have not made any contribution at all. Not surprising, given that they are essentially practical people with very little understanding of basic sciences.

And the only audit of clinical results in Type 1 diabetics is one study of patients changing to pumps, who were not compared with any alternative treatment group. There was no study of any lifestyle adjustment, or measurement of outcome from any lifestyle advice.
It seems doctors believe that technology in the form of pumps and continuous meters are going to save everyone from what years ago would have been called a self-destructive lifestyle.
Despite massive expenditure on DNA and receptor studies over decades, diabetics are now suffering from complications, fatigue and impaired lifestyles in record numbers if internet forums are to be believed.
If you don't believe the internet, where is the formal data?

Have doctors not audited their own performance,  or have they suppressed the results because they are so embarrassing?

ps more on suppression of evidence from Fiona Godlee, editor of the BMJ in my post of 1.2.2016