Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Health bureaucrats pervert science.

You can read online about the case of Jennifer Elliott who was sacked from her Government employment for recommending a moderately low carb diet to a diabetic patient with poor blood sugar control. It is reported that the patient did well following her advice.

It appears that Health bureaucrats in Australia will go to any length to avoid discussion of the issue in the appropriate scientific forums. Jennifer's advice to the patient was entirely consistent with the evidence based recommendations of the American Diabetes Association and the National Diabetes Education Initiative, who list list low carb eating as a valid  therapeutic option for diabetics and reject placing limits on the percentages of carb and fat a diabetic's diet should contain.

What do these same bureaucrats think of radiologist Troy Stapleton. With Tye 1 diabetes, he travelled to a place remote from medical care, injected insulin, did strenuous exercise, and ate very low carb?

Its not what I would do, but I do commend Troy for moving at least part of the way towards the way I manage my diabetes.