Tuesday, 26 January 2016

If you believe what dietitians say, don't blame me for your poor health outcomes.

Let's look at some of the claims on the Dietitians Association of Australia website.

Firstly " ..no one who lived in the Paleolithic era actually consumed coconut oil..."

Obviously false. Early humans didn't separate the coconut into component parts before cooking. They just ate the whole insides, including the oil, as do these people from a remote village in PNG I visited some years ago, with no road access, electricity or running water.

The bananas cooking here in coconut are not the soft sweet Cavendish variety, but are fibrous, savoury and require extended cooking.

Secondly "The Paleo diet may be too low in carbohydrate for some people ... who regularly participate in exercise and sport."

Have dietitians actually read a #paleo cookbook? The tapioca flour used in pastries is full of carbs. Lots of recipes use honey and dates. Cavendish bananas are in, as are many other fruits.
Count the calories and carbs in the paleo dessert section. They are NOT low carb.

Have dietitians ever gone online to see how many athletes are performing amazing feats on low carb diets?

Thirdly " Carbohydrate foods are used in therapeutic diets for diabetes to help maintain blood sugar within a tight range."

Do dietitians know anything about "tight" sugar control? The average low carber has much better control than the average patient following dietitians' advice, and then there's the really good low carbers like

NB. I do not eat Paleo. I just hate bad science.