Sunday, 20 March 2016

AHPRA is trying to kill me.

AHPRA have launched an investigation of me, alleging I take doses of medication other than those prescribed by my endocrinologist.
Of course I do. I would be dead otherwise.

It seems they are incapable of distinguishing between the footballers who used prescribed oxycodone recreationally and a patient with Addison's disease faced with a potentially fatal adrenal crisis.

My endocrinologist prescribed me 50 micrograms of Florinef a day. On occasions this was too much, and I took half that.
However, if I took that even triple that dose on a mega back country ski day, I would end up collapsed in the snow, far from medical help, dry retching uncontrollably, and unable to stand up without feeling like I was going to pass out. Or worse. I know this from my own experience.

I learned from bitter reality that prescribed doses of Florinef were either excessive, or grossly inadequate. No endocrinologist has experience with many patients who do the sort of things I do in my spare time. And the peer reviewed literature on the subject is grossly deficient. Look for yourself.

Now I have AHPRA telling me I cannot take any dose of drug of drug which has not been prescribed by my endocrinologist or GP, because it is illegal. It seems I am supposed to die from an adrenal crisis if the appropriate paperwork has not been done.

I'm wondering whether next week I should go for a long run taking only my prescribed dose and finish in Parliament House having to be carried out in an ambulance because my blood pressure is so low I can't stand up.

You saw in a previous post a bsl of 1.8; low BP might be my next project.