Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Is it technically illegal for diabetics to vary their insulin doses?

I was contacted yesterday by a representative of AHPRA who informed me that I was being investigated for self-prescribing.

The evidence he cited came from my blog which shows that in varying circumstances, I alter the doses of drugs used to manage my diabetes and Addison’s disease.

He said it was the opinion of the entire AHPRA Board in Canberra that this constituted self-prescribing and was illegal.

Medical advice to a patient with Addison’s that they should not stress-dose is negligent in the extreme.

Are approaches like DAFNE, and stress-dosing of steroids in Addison’s illegal unless specifically prescribed, or are AHPRA incompetent in their interpretation of existing legislation?

Are my doctors negligent if they have not provided written advice on whether I should alter my drug doses in varying circumstances?

ps. Readers may wish to speculate on whether it is a coincidence that I received this phone call just weeks after making a submission to the current Senate Inquiry into harassment of doctors by AHPRA