Monday, 29 February 2016

Social media defeats unscientific doctors on medical cannabis.

Many doctors have spent years opposing the introduction of therapeutic cannabis into any area of medicine, whether for treatment of pain, anorexia or epilepsy.
So opposed are they, that many refuse to even support research into the potential uses. That way they can continue to say there is no good evidence to support its use.

Fortunately, politicians are sensible enough to be skeptical of self-professed medical experts.
They listened to social media instead.

"The rise of medical an example of what can be achieved through the sharing of personal stories on the Internet and social media.." reports Medscape Medical News.

They quote Daniel Friedman, MD, NYU School of Medicine, co-author of a recent review in The New England Journal of Medicine, as saying " It is a very interesting mix of science, politics and social media which has moved medical marijuana to the forefront of treatment...."

 " It was used medicinally in ancient China and by Victorian neurologists for seizures, but it has never been properly scientifically studied. That is now happening."

" This has come about because individuals have shared anecdotal experiences about its effectiveness in children with severe intractable epilepsy on the Internet.."

Whether cannabis products are ultimately found to be effective in any one particular area is irrelevant here. It is completely unscientific of doctors to white-ant support for research which will determine its ultimate place in the therapeutic armamentarium.