Sunday, 14 February 2016

Theft of confidential patient information from The Canberra Hospital?

Will doctors stop at nothing to try and discredit my interpretation of research data? You may have heard rumours that I was involved in the inappropriate accessing of confidential patient records from The Canberra Hospital.  Do not believe them.

If you are thinking that these rumours may have an element of truth, consider the following.
Who first stated that they suspected me, and what was their evidence?
Given that I was not involved, WHO DID steal the data?
I have heard from too many people that I am suspected, yet years down the track, no formal charges have been made.
WHY HAVE PATIENTS NOT BEEN NOTIFIED? Many patients' medical records were allegedly involved, yet none of those patients have been notified by the Hospital afaik.

Hospitals and health clinics should be required to notify patients if their personal medical records have been the subject of a privacy breach. And this is one piece of legislation that should be made retrospective.

Someone knows who accessed these patients' records. The Hospital computer logs every occasion on which records are accessed electronically, and the account from which they are accessed is recorded, as is the time and date. What really went on?

Note: The Privacy Commissioner will not investigate based on third party reports. There will not be any enquiry until a patient finds out and is sufficiently concerned and motivated to lodge a formal notification with the OAIC. This practice should also change.