Sunday, 17 April 2016

Can you believe any Australian medical research?

An Inquiry into this research cleared the authors of any misconduct, and it hasn't been retracted, so it must be right.
Here are some of the reported comments on it.

Their "data was not quite right"
"They had claimed sales... were down by 10%, but..their own research actually shows a 29% increase"
"the highest levels of nutrition science in Australia... can publish whatever nonsense they want"
"acceptance of a fee from Coca-Cola " by one of the authors
NYU Professor "There's no Australian Paradox" "Sugar is.. bad for you"
Dr Rosemary Stanton "Ignore it"
"..the Australian Paradox paper was based on inaccurate data."

How bad does medical research in Australia have to be before it is retracted? Short of a researcher murdering a volunteer it is hard to know.