Monday, 18 April 2016

Full fat dairy food prevents diabetes

A huge volume of research supports the beneficial health effects of high dairy fat consumption.

Circulationaha.115.018410 In two prospective cohorts, higher plasma dairy fatty acid concentrations were associated with lower incident diabetes.

Br J Nutr,91 (4),635-42 ..Intake of milk fat is negatively associated with cardiovascular risk factors

Scand J Prim Health Care Non-obese men with low dairy fat intake were more likely to become fat in 12 years of follow up, independent of exercise, age, SES, alcohol, smoking, and fruit and vegetable intake.

Eur J Nutr 2013 High fat dairy consumption inversely associated with obesity risk.

Don't just believe what the NHMRC tells you about full fat dairy. Read the original research yourself.

Added 9.5.16
The specific effect of  dairy foods in the diet of Type 1s has been raised in a forum. There is no useful data on this in the peer reviewed literature. There is, however, a fair amount of information posted on the use of dairy and sporting success in Type 1s on social media. Look it up.