Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Denmark's FAT TAX was a disaster. Doctors should apologise for the damage it caused.

As noted in previous posts, there was NO evidence from randomised trials that reduction in consumption of dairy fat would have beneficial health effects. Had researchers looked at successful type 1s, or other evidence, they would have concluded that exactly the opposite was true.

The tax was based on the ideology of innumerate doctors and medical academics, not science.

Whether the tax reduced fat consumption is difficult to know due to pre-tax stockpiling and cross-border purchases. It seems the tax was introduced with no intention of accurately measuring its effect adjusted for confounding variables.

Irrespective of its effect on consumption, there was NO measurable effect on heart disease.

What it did cause was
-a financial impost for the poor
-a disincentive to consume healthy dairy products
-substantial administrative costs
-hardship for danish dairy producers

Denmark's politicians voted to abolish the tax not much more than a year after it was introduced.

It is time for doctors to apologise for the damage they cause to honest citizens