Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How well do you understand food labels? Try this quick quiz

I have 2 brands of the same product. The ingredient list is the same for both.  Neither contains any artificial sweetener or alcohol. Both have been processed the same way and both are about 21% protein. Numbers are per 100g serve.

                     Energy   Carbs   Sugars   Fat      SaturatedFat   Fibre           Sodium

Brand A     1550kJ    11g        1g          21g        13g                28g               30mg

Brand B      1620kJ   39.5g    <1g        23g        14.5g             not stated      16mg

What is the difference? Why?

If you would vary your insulin depending on which brand you were using, ask yourself whether you really get it.

Added 29.4: if you understand the above, you should also understand why the food label on a related grocery item I bought at Woolies today showed ingredients adding to 120g/100g. (no, I was not adding the sugar and total carbs together, or counting both the saturated and total fat, etc)